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Emergent Cooperative Strategies for Robot Team Sports

by Arvin Agah, Brian Doyle, Kelphen Kuok, Kazuo Tanie

Automatic development of cooperative strategies for teams of distributed autonomous robots, or software agents, is presented in this paper. It is shown that a team of robotic agents that initially plays a random game of simulated soccer, can acquire winning strategies through successive generations, utilizing techniques of evolutionary computation. The concept of Tropism-based Control Architecture is introduced that not only allows for the evolution of cooperative strategies, but also obtains the acquired knowledge in a format that is easily comprehensible by humans. The advantage of this approach is that the cooperative strategies can then be transported onto a variety of platforms for testing and deployment. It is discussed as to why the game of robot soccer provides a good environment for this type of investigation, and how the presented concepts can have applications in multi-robot system design. The proposed cognitive architecture has been inspired by biological systems, and the paper includes a review of the related literature in the field of evolution, both in the framework of animal societies, and multi-robot teams. The results of many generations of simulated evolution are presented, accompanied by the game results and fitness characteristics. A number of soccer game strategies which are developed through the experiments are also described, where the obtained techniques for playing better team sports emerged as the result of evolutionary computation.

Volume: 6, Issue: 1


ISSN PRINT: 1079-8587
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