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Big Data based Self-Optimization Networking: A Novel Approach Beyond Cognition

by Amin Mohajer, Morteza Barari, Houman Zarrabi

It is essential to satisfy class-specific QoS constraints to provide broadband services for new generation wireless networks. A self-optimization technique is introduced as the only viable solution for controlling and managing this type of huge data networks. This technique allows control of resources and key performance indicators without human intervention, based solely on the network intelligence. The present study proposes a big data based self optimization networking (BD-SON) model for wireless networks in which the KPI parameters affecting the QoS are assumed to be controlled through a multi-dimensional decision-making process. Also, Resource Management Center (RMC) was used to allocate the required resources to each part of the network based on made decision in SON engine, which can satisfy QoS constraints of a multicast session in which satisfying interference constraints is the main challenge. A load-balanced gradient power allocation (L-GPA) scheme was also applied for the QoS-aware multicast model to accommodate the effect of transmission power level based on link capacity requirements. Experimental results confirm that the proposed power allocation techniques considerably increase the chances of finding an optimal solution. Also, results confirm that proposed model achieves significant gain in terms of quality of service and capacity along with low complexity and load balancing optimality in the network.

Volume: 24, Issue: 2


ISSN PRINT: 1079-8587
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DOI PREFIX: 10.31209
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