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Performance Evaluation of Node-mapping-based Flexray-CAN Gateway for in-vehicle Networking System



As vehicles become more intelligent, in-vehicle networking (IVN) systems, such as the controller area network (CAN) and the FlexRay networks, are essential for the convenience and safety of drivers. To expand the applicability of IVN systems, attention is currently being focused on the communication between heterogeneous networks such as body or chassis networking systems. The message-mapping-based gateway was developed to improve communication between FlexRay and CAN networks concerning vehicle information. However, there are obstacles to the wide acceptance of the FlexRay-CAN gateway for a vehicle. First, when the message ID for the network is changed, the gateway must be reloaded with the revised message-mapping table. Second, if the number of messages exchanged is increased in the network, the complexity of the gateway software rapidly increases. In order to overcome these obstacles, this paper presents a FlexRay-CAN gateway using a node-mapping method. A gateway operation algorithm is described, and an experimental evaluation for ID change and software complexity is presented.



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Volume: 21
Issue: 2
Year: 2014

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