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A Green Time-Bounded Routing on Solar-Based Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks



A solar-based vehicular ad-hoc networking technique is a key issue to exploit the on-board sensing, computing, energy harvesting, and wireless communication capabilities in the intelligent transportation system. Most existing research results mostly paid attention to the energy savings, but lacking in consideration of the energy harvesting. An electric solar vehicle considered in this paper is equipped with a solar panel so that the vehicle battery can be periodically charged while keeping the high ECR, where ECR (energy consumption ratio) is the average packet arrival ratio divided by the energy consumption. This paper proposes a new green time-bounded routing protocol, whose goal is to deliver messages to the destination within user-defined delay and to minimize the usage of radio and power consumption, because the radio spectrum and the power are the limited resources. Simulation results justify the efficiency of the proposed protocol.



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Pages: 455-472


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Volume: 21
Issue: 4
Year: 2015

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