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Application of Multi Agent Systems in Automation of Distributed Energy Management in Micro-grid using MACSimJX



The objective of this paper is to monitor and control a micro-grid model developed in MATLAB-Simulink through Multi Agent System (MAS) for autonomous and distributed energy management. Since MATLAB/Simulink is not compatible with parallel operations of MAS, MAS operating in Java Agent Development Environment (JADE) is linked with MATLAB/Simulink through Multi Agent Control using Simulink with Jade extension (MACSimJX). This allows the micro-grid system designed with Simulink to be controlled by MAS for realizing the advantages of MAS in distributed and decentralized micro-grid systems. JADE agents receive environmental information through Simulink and they coordinate to take best possible action, which is reflected in MATLAB/Simulink simulations. After validation and performance evaluation through dynamic simulations, the operations of the agents at various scenarios are practically verified by using the Arduino microcontroller. These validation and verification moves MAS closer to Smartgrid applications and takes micro-grid automation to a new level.



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Pages: 483-491


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Volume: 24
Issue: 3
Year: 2018

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