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Automatic Fibex Generation For Migration From Can Message Description Format To Flexray Fibex Format



Recently, FlexRay was developed to replace the controller area network (CAN) protocol in the chassis network systems to provide high-speed data transmission as well as hardware redundancy for safety. However, FlexRay network design is more complicated than with CAN protocol, which has been an in-vehicle network (IVN) standard for car manufacturers for decades, because the FlexRay has many parameters such as the base cycle or slot lengths. To simplify the FlexRay network design and assist vehicle network designers in configuring a FlexRay network, this paper presents an automatic field bus exchange format (FIBEX) generation method for migration from the CAN message description format such as the DBC format to the FlexRay FIBEX format. The automatic FIBEX generation method is examined by simulating a chassis networking system using a DBC benchmark tool, which demonstrates the feasibility of the system and the reduction in workload for network designers.



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Volume: 24
Issue: 4
Year: 2018

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