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Particle Swarm Optimization with Chaos-based Initialization for Numerical Optimization



Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is a population based swarm intelligence algorithm that has been deeply studied and widely applied to a variety of problems. However, it is easily trapped into the local optima and premature convergence appears when solving complex multimodal problems. To address these issues, we present a new particle swarm optimization by introducing chaotic maps (Tent and Logistic) and Gaussian mutation mechanism as well as a local re-initialization strategy into the standard PSO algorithm. On one hand, the chaotic map is utilized to generate uniformly distributed particles to improve the quality of the initial population. On the other hand, Gaussian mutation as well as the local re-initialization strategy based on the maximal focus distance is exploited to help the algorithm escape from the local optima and make the particles proceed with searching in other regions of the solution space. In addition, an auxiliary velocity-position update strategy is exclusively used for the global best particle, which can effectively guarantee the convergence of the proposed particle swarm optimization. Extensive experiments on eight well-known benchmark functions with different dimensions demonstrate that the proposed PSO is superior or highly competitive to several state-of-the-art PSO variants in dealing with complex multimodal problems.



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Pages: 331-342


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Volume: 24
Issue: 2
Year: 2018

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