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Public Health Emergency Management and Multi-Source Data Technology in China



Public health emergency is governed by the physical rules, which are related to the propagation of diseases in the physical space, and the social rules, which are related to government structures, social behaviors, and social media in cyber space. Effective preparedness and response of public health emergency is strongly related to interoperation, collaboration and cooperation among different levels of government agencies and among different regions, as well as information flow and data mining between agencies and general public. In this paper, we review the technologies using multi-source data for public health emergency in China. At the micro-level, risk analysis and operation plans are developed based on data analysis. At the macro-level, decision-making and strategical plans are realized based on the scenario-response method. As the results, public health emergencies can be detected and responded at the very early stage. As an example, Ebola monitoring and scenario response in China are presented.



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Volume: 24
Issue: 1
Year: 2018

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