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Meteorological correction model of IBIS-L System in the Slope Deformation Monitoring



Micro deformation monitoring system (IBIS-L) using high frequency microwave as signal for transmission, is easily affected by meteorology. How to eliminate the meteorological influence effectively, and extract useful information from the big data becomes a key to monitor the slope deformation with high precision by the IBIS-L system. Evaluation of the optimum meteorological correction mode for Slope Deformation Monitoring to ensure the accuracy of measurement is considered. This objective was realized by model construction technology, which uses calculation formula of Microwave Refraction rate, and the radial distance from the target point to the IBIS-L system to estimate the irreal displacement by meteorological influence. In this paper we examine feasibility and accuracy of the meteorological correction model via experiment analysis. This experiment takes the Nuozhadu hydropower station slope monitoring for example. Firstly, the temperature, humidity, air pressure and other meteorological parameters were measured simultaneously with IBIS-L system monitoring. Secondly, the measured meteorological parameters were taken into calculation formula of Microwave Refraction rate. Thirdly, combined with the radial distance from the target point to the IBIS-L system, the meteorological correction model in using IBIS-L system for slope deformation monitoring was established.



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Volume: 24
Issue: 1
Year: 2018

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