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Verifiable Outsourcing of High-Degree Polynomials and its Application in Keyword Search



In big data era, people cannot afford more and more complex computation work due to the constrained computation resources. The high reliability, strong processing capacity, large storage space of cloud computing makes the resource-constrained clients remotely operate the heavy computation task with the help of cloud server. In this paper, a new algorithm for secure outsourcing of high degree polynomials is proposed. We introduce a camouflage technique, which the real polynomial will be disguised to the untrusted cloud server. In addition, the input and output will not be revealed in the computation process and the clients can easily verify the returned result. The application of the secure outsourcing algorithm in keyword search system is also studied. A verification technique for keyword search is generated based on the outsourcing algorithm. The client can easily verify whether the server faithfully implement the search work in the whole ciphertext space. If the server does not implement the search work and returns the client “null” to indicate there is no files with the query keyword, the client can easily verify whether there are some related files in the ciphertext database.



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Volume: 24
Issue: 1
Year: 2018

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