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Improved Geometric Anisotropic Diffusion Filter for Radiography Image Enhancement



In radiography imaging, contrast, sharpness and noise there are three fundamental factors that determine the image quality. Removing noise while preserving and sharpening image contours is a complicated task particularly for images with low contrast like radiography. This paper proposes a new anisotropic diffusion method for radiography image enhancement. The proposed method is based on the integration of geometric parameters derived from the local pixel intensity distribution in a nonlinear diffusion formulation that can concurrently perform the smoothing and the sharpening operations. The main novelty of the proposed anisotropic diffusion model is the ability to combine in one process noise reduction, edge preserving and sharpening. Experimental results using both synthetic and real welding radiography images prove the efficiency of the proposed method in comparison with other anisotropic diffusion methods.



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Pages: 231-240


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Volume: 24
Issue: 2
Year: 2018

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