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Modeling and generating native code for cross-platform mobile applications using DSL



A few years ago, mobile development technology has been quickly growing, and it has also been an emerging trend. Furthermore, different smartphones use diverse operating systems, which support different programming languages. Therefore, developing native applications individually for each platform turns out to be an arduous and expensive effort to undertake. The concept of 201Cwrite once, deploy everywhere201D, will massively reduce the cost of creating, maintaining and versioning mobile applications. In this paper, we suggest the automatic MDA (Model Driven Architecture) transformations to develop embedded heterogeneous software. Then we present our works in terms of defining a new target platform independent model (PIM), and the transformation rules for generating native code for such applications. Thus, we singled out domain specific language (DSL), in order to increase the productivity of software engineers, in terms of abstracting low-level boilerplate code.



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Pages: 445-458


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Volume: 23
Issue: 3
Year: 2016

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