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Haptic Technology for Micro-robotic Cell Injection Training Systems2014A Review



Currently, the micro-robotic cell injection procedure is performed manually by expert human bio-operators. In order to be proficient at the task, lengthy and expensive dedicated training is required. As such, effective specialized training systems for this procedure can prove highly beneficial. This paper presents a comprehensive review of haptic technology relevant to cell injection training and discusses the feasibility of developing such training systems, providing researchers with an inclusive resource enabling the application of the presented approaches, or extension and advancement of the work. A brief explanation of cell injection and the challenges associated with the procedure are first presented. Important skills, such as accuracy, trajectory, speed and applied force, which need to be mastered by the bio-operator in order to achieve successful injection, are then discussed. Then an overview of various types of haptic feedback, devices and approaches is presented. This is followed by discussion on the approaches to cell modeling Discussion of the application of haptics to skills training across various fields and haptically-enabled virtual training systems evaluation are then presented. Finally, given the findings of the review, this paper concludes that a haptically-enabled virtual cell injection training system is feasible and recommendations are made to developers of such systems.



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Pages: 509-523


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Volume: 22
Issue: 3
Year: 2015

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