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Control of Pitch Angle of Wind Turbine by Fuzzy Pid Controller



This article presents a study on set of PID parameters of blade pitch angle controller of wind turbine with fuzzy logic algorithm. Three individual control methods were used to control the wind turbine pitch angle. These control methods are conventional PI, fuzzy and fuzzy PID. With the use of these control methods, the system was protected from possible harms in high wind speed region and maintained changing of nominal output power. It was aimed to the control the wind turbine blade pitch angle in different wind speeds and to hold the output power stable in the set point by simulation of controllers with Matlab/Simulink Software. By evaluating the steady state time of output power received from the simulation results and steady state errors, the performances of the control systems have been measured and compared with one another. As a result of these simulation comparisons, it is clear that fuzzy PID controller performed better than PI and Fuzzy Controller.



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Pages: 463-471


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Volume: 22
Issue: 3
Year: 2015

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