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Research on Grid Framework of Agricultural Remote Sensing Monitoring Data Sharing



In order to effectively implement sharing and integrated application of agricultural remote monitoring data, which is of distributed areas, various types, different systems and a large amount of data, across different areas, departments and systems, new networked framework is needed to be introduced to promote sharing of resources. In this paper, based on grid, considering the current situation of agricultural remote sensing monitoring data, Grid Framework of Agricultural Remote Sensing Monitoring Data Sharing is proposed, which is designed from both the logical and physical aspect. With the explanation of its components and the relationship among them, it offers well high level instruction supporting framework for agricultural remote monitoring data. Meanwhile, based on the framework, agricultural remote monitoring data sharing grid prototype system is built in the paper, after implementing the system, the difficulties of data sharing is overcame, and the efficiency is improved, data resource distributed in different departments is regularly integrated, the results is good and the system is feasible and practicable.



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Volume: 18
Issue: 8
Year: 2012

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