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Adaptive Positioning Of Mems Production System With Nano – Resolution



This paper describes an experimental approach to the adaptive positioning of a MEMS production system with nano - scale resolution. It is known that accurate positioning within nano - scale requires higher move resolutions which cause drastic speed reductions. Production processes which are running within such production systems are therefore very time consuming or very limited due to their working spaces. We are proposing an adaptive approach to the positioning within nano -scale, which will help us extend the size of the systems working space in such a way that it will not be time consuming. The basic idea of our approach is that the move resolution and the move speed are adapted according to the size of positioning error. Large positioning error sets the system to low resolution and high speed. As a separate axis approaches the target point, positioning error decreases, move resolution increases, and move speed decreases. The so called adaptive approach was tested on the positioning system with five axes based on Piezo LEGS® linear motors, with the use of bang-bang, fuzzy and polynomial control techniques. The results of the experiments with these techniques, and the practical implementation of them, are given in this paper. The practical use of such a system with three different micro-grippers is also presented.



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Pages: 381-398


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Volume: 18
Issue: 4
Year: 2012

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