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Hyperspectral Models for Estimating Chlorophyll Content of Young Apple Tree Leaves



A hyperspectral-based chlorophyll content estimating model for young apple tree leaves is proposed in this paper. It aims to have a contribution to modernized production and scientific management. The study takes the trees, which are two years old as the research objects. The young apple tree leaves are picked in autumn when they stop growing, and the spectral data and the chlorophyll content in the leaves of young apple trees are measured. First derivative (FD) is used to process the spectral data, and choose sensitive parameters. Hyperspectral models for estimating chlorophyll content in the leaves of young apple trees are established by a single variable (use one variable to establish models) and partial least square (PLS) methods. Four sensitive parameters are chosen to establish hyperspectral estimating models using partial least square. The model has the highest R2 (coefficient of determination), lower RMSE (root mean square error) and RE% (relative error). The partial least square model is more appropriate for estimating chlorophyll content in the leaves of young apple tree.



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Pages: 383-393


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Volume: 21
Issue: 3
Year: 2015

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