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Phone Number Extraction and Area Code Mining in Mobile Web Browsing for Smart Phones



The phone numbers listed on a Web page displayed on a mobile phone can be useful information for instant reservations or general inquiries. Although current software technology for smart phones can recognize and highlight phone numbers on a page and auto-dial them when clicked, the extraction accuracy often drops significantly due to many cases of data that are falsely recognized as phone numbers. Furthermore, there are many situations in which the area code is missing, preventing the mobile phone from auto-dialing correctly. To resolve these problems, this paper proposes an intelligent phone number extraction and area code mining technique for smart phones in a mobile environment. A series of experiments performed using Android smart phones showed that our method greatly improved the accuracy of phone number mining and the speed of auto-dialing in a mobile Web environment.



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Pages: 623-631


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Volume: 21
Issue: 4
Year: 2015

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