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A Novel WSN-Oriented Locating Approach based on Density



It is known that the locating accuracy of the traditional Distance Vector-HOP (DV-HOP) approach in a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) depends on the density of the anchor node. A novel WSN-oriented locating approach based on a node's density is proposed in this paper. The approach can compute the distance of the node based on the maximum likelihood estimation strategy. It can improve the accuracy ratio of the measuring distance among the nodes. The relative nodes of a WSN can find the average hop distances by estimating the distances from themselves to their circular nodes. In order to assess the performance of the approach, the belief degree of locating is computed based on the possibility theory by our suggested fusion mechanism. This is a feasible method to solve the dependence problem of the DV-HOP algorithm on the anchor node density. Results of many simulation tests of the application show that our proposed WSN-oriented locating approach based on node density can improve the accuracy ratio of the measuring distance and the correctness of locating.



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