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A Novel Privacy-preserving Multi-attribute Reverse Auction Scheme with Bidder Anonymity using Multi-server Homomorphic Computation



With the further development of Internet, the decision-making ability of the smart service is getting stronger and stronger, and the electronic auction is paid attention to as one of the ways of decision system. In this paper, a secure multi-attribute reverse auction protocol without the trusted third party is proposed. It uses the Paillier public key cryptosystem with homomorphism and combines with oblivious transfer and anonymization techniques. A single auction server easily collides with a bidder, in order to solve this problem, a single auction server is replaced with multiple auction servers. The proposed scheme uses multiple auction servers to calculate the attributes under encryption protection and obtains the linear additive score function value finally. Since the attribute is calculated under the protection of encryption, the proposed scheme achieves privacy-preserving winner determination with bid privacy. Furthermore, the proposed scheme uses oblivious transfer and anonymization techniques to achieve bidder anonymity. In accordance with the security analysis, major properties, bidder anonymity and somewhat reducing collusion possibilities, are provided under the semi-honest model. According to a comparison of computation, the proposalu2019s computation cost is reasonable.



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Pages: 171-181


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Volume: 25
Issue: 1
Year: 2019


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