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Application Centric Virtual Machine Placements to Minimize Bandwidth Utilization in Datacenters



An efficient placement of virtual machines (VMs) in a cloud data center is important to maximize the utilization of infrastructure. Most of the existing work maximizes the number of VMs to place on a minimum number of physical machines (PMs) to reduce energy consumption. Recently, big data applications become popular which are mostly hosted on cloud data centers. Big data applications are deployed on multiple VMs and considered data and communication-intensive applications. These applications can consume most of the datacenter bandwidth if VMs do not place close to each other. In this paper, we investigate the use of different VM placement methods to decrease the usage of bandwidth in different sizes of data centers. We implemented and evaluated five different VM placement algorithms. Our comprehensive set of experiments show a significant decrease in bandwidth ranging from 65% to 78% can be achieved using the extended implementations of the knapsack and first fit VM placement methods.



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