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Dynamic Task Assignment for Multi-AUV Cooperative Hunting



For cooperative hunting by a multi-AUV (multiple autonomous underwater vehicles) team, not only basic problems such as path planning and collision avoidance should be considered but also task assignments in a dynamic way. In this paper, an integrated algorithm is proposed by combining the self-organizing map (SOM) neural network and the Glasius Bio-Inspired Neural Network (GBNN) approach to improve the efficiency of multi-AUV cooperative hunting. With this integrated algorithm, the SOM neural network is adopted for dynamic allocation, while the GBNN is employed for path planning. It deals with various situations for single/multiple target(s) hunting in underwater environments with obstacles. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm is capable of a cooperative hunting task with efficiency and adaptability.



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Pages: 25-34


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Volume: 25
Issue: 1
Year: 2019

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