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Optimal Learning Slip Ratio Control for Tractor-semitrailer Braking in a Turn based on Fuzzy Logic



The research on braking performance of tractor-semitrailer is a hard and difficult point in the field of vehicle reliability and safety technology. In this paper, the tire braking model and the dynamic characteristic model of the brake torque with the variable of the controlling air pressure were established. And we also established a nonlinear kinematic model of the tractor-semitrailer when it brakes on a curve. The parameters and variables of the model were measured and determined by the road experiment test. The optimal control strategy for the tractor-semitrailer based on the optimal slipping ratio was proposed. Then, the PID controller and the fuzzy controller were designed respectively. Simulation results show that the reasonable control strategy can significantly improve the braking directional stability when a tractor-semitrailer runs on a curving road. The research results provide technical references for improving the lateral stability when a tractor-semitrailer brakes on a curve, and it also provides a technical reference for the road traffic safety.



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Pages: 563-570


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Volume: 24
Issue: 3
Year: 2018

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