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Hybrid ABF-APSO Algorithm with Application to Tuning of Fuzzy PID Controller for Wireless HART Networked Control System



In a WirelessHART networked control system (WHNCS), transmitters always introduce stochastic delays which are often difficult to handle by conventional PID controllers. This is due to the gain range limitation of the PID. This necessitated the need for intelligent controllers that are capable of handling the stochastic delay in the network. Therefore, this paper proposes the use of Fuzzy PID controller for WHNCS. Additionally, the paper utilizes the potentials of Adaptive Bacterial Foraging Algorithm (ABFA), Particle Swarm Optimisation (PSO) and Accelerated Particle Swarm Optimisation (APSO) to propose Hybrid ABF-APSO Algorithm for tuning the proposed controller parameters. Validation results with benchmark functions showed that the proposed algorithm outperformed the compared algorithms in terms of function approximation. Simulation results for WHNCS shows that the fuzzy PID controller optimised with the proposed algorithm outperformed its performance when optimised with PSO, APSO, ABFA and ABF-PSO in terms of settling times, overshoot and recovery from effect of disturbance.



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