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Welcome to AUTOSOFT’s New Website

Since parting ways with Taylor and Francis, we will be supplying all AUTOSOFT publication content on this website. In addition to online access papers, manuscripts from volumes 1 to 24 are available on this website.

The site currently provides the following features:

a) Support for DOI

b) Display of references with display of available DOI links

c) Display of contact email addresses for manuscripts

d) Online manuscript access for subscribers
--- Prior authors can gain access to download manuscripts via the email they had used in a manuscript
--- Institutional subscription access via IP-based authentication is supported
--- Visitors can view basic manuscript but will need to have a subscription to view the manuscripts

e) Basic subscriber account access (register/login/logout). This account will be expanded to support submitting of new articles

f) Full-fledged cyber security of intellectual properties of our authors

g) Simple citing of documents with built-in reference format exporting

Features that are coming soon are listed below in the order of which they will be completed:

a) Web of Science indexing of 2018 manuscripts. Requests have been submitted to Clarivate to continue indexing for 2018.

b) Automatic upload of papers

c) Convenient monitoring of manuscripts under the review process

Note: More items will be added to this list. We aim to provide the best experience possible.

We wish to thank Autosoft Journal staff, especially Dr. Patrick Benavidez and Mr. Arman Rezakhani for the design, implementation and maintenance of this important site.

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March 20, 2018


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